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I will make the first post by posting my Newest Socks that have been added to my sock collection...

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Testing a Comment hehe
About some photos with you in the socks?? =)
i just purchased the two pairs of socks in the first picture next to eachother closest to the right... the black and white striped socks and the black and pink striped socks. awesome!
i would like to see more pics of poses(girls wearing)these socks below their anke.
i really don't care THAT much for sox, but uh...........once in a while i get a new pair. my favorite pair is my fuzzy, orange, blue, green, and yellow striped sox. i also have froggy ones, monkey, uh...... pigs, and easter duckies. unfortunetely i have too many plain ones. :( oh well

--------------->>I bet William Hung likes sox!<<-------------------