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my socks for today

first of all , Monika, you darling, are the queen of procrastination!!!!!! and i love it! why didnt you and i share our love of crazy socks in EDU? we really should have. i definetly have over 40 pair of socks...i really should count one of these days...and none of them are plain. i've got monkeys, sparkles, monkeys WITH sparkles...the list could go on and on. My socks for today? White with pumpkins, they match my pumpkin flannel pants my Mom sent me for my birthday (she sent me both the pants and the socks) (also, my birthday is on Hallowe'en...so that makes more of a connection to pumpkins and my birthday). IMHO though , Thriftys/Bluenotes definetly have the best socks.
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Socks make me hyperventilate. Ask Steph, at the mall I was DYING over these fricken monkey socks.

OMFG Bluenotes socks are the BEST... I have this CRAZY kneesock fetish thing and they have ones with HEARTS that I am SO BUYING next time I go to the mall *faints*
haha...i dont think that you and i would do well at the mall together!!! we'd have no self-control and wouldnt really control one another!! 10 pair of socks later...